Israeli secret police: we can torture if we want

hooded figure - meant to exonerate Israel of torture
A simulation of the most  gentle treatment of Palestinians, meant to exonerate Israel

As days go by without finding the “missing” Jewish settler colonist teens, more and more Palestinians are kidnapped by Israeli military, more collective punishment and war crimes committed by Israel.

This situation is being used to full political, propaganda, and even legal advantage by Israel. Israel is a signatory to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, but like all other international law, doesn’t want to follow it or be limited by any such laws – those are only for the goyim (Gentiles, i.e., the other 8 billion people on the planet)

The Jerusalem Post reports today that Israeli secret police, Shin Bet (also called Shabak), argue that it can torture anyone at will and is not bound by any such silly international laws or even rulings from Israel’s own High Court. The euphemism “enhanced interrogation” is understood worldwide to mean torture, and Shin Bet conducts “enhanced interrogation” torture with a demented glee; they are good at it and they enjoy it. Well, any (and every) situation in which Jews can torture Gentiles without the pesky prying eyes of human rights monitors will be used to the fullest, especially if it ends in the death of a hated Gentile! [Guess who made up the infamous and barbaric “Cheka” in Soviet Russia?]

Late Wednesday, multiple media outlets reported that a senior military source said that the Shin Bet was using “moderate physical pressure” on certain Hamas agents to get information for finding the kidnappers.

The military source also reportedly said that the Shin Bet had gotten special approval for using “enhanced interrogation” from Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein.

The High Court of Justice declared torture in interrogations illegal in 1999, but left open an exception for “moderate physical pressure” if there were a “ticking bomb” in progress and such pressure could be used to stop, for example, a suicide bomber from reaching his target.

Responding to the reports, the PCATI said that if the reports were true, that the enhanced interrogation must be stopped immediately and that any pre-approval, as described, is illegal. The Justice Ministry has directing all questions regarding the reports to the Shin Bet.

The Shin Bet’s statement denied a change in policy during the kidnapping crisis, noting “the Shin Bet does not receive approvals to undertake interrogations from any authority. The Shin Bet carries out its interrogation policy according to its own authority, legally and according to law and the decisions of the High Court. Every interrogation by the Shin Bet receives oversight from the attorney-general.”

A careful reading, with any experience in peculiar Jewish writing styles (especially Israeli media) makes very clear that Shin Bet is declaring itself above and beyond any and every law. (As if the attorney-general doesn’t know he cannot be assassinated by Shin Bet at any time, or that Shin Bet doesn’t know all his secrets.)

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