Smuggled North Iraqi Oil Sold to Israel via Turkey

It was reported that oil defined as ‘smuggled’ by the Baghdad government was sold to Israel via Turkey. According to the report, the Israelite company has executed four transfers from the harbour in Hatay, Dörtyol.
16 June, 2014 Aydinlik

The harbour traffic in Ceyhan and Alexandretta increased after the Iraqi Central Government lost control over the most of the oil pipes in the area north of the country. The authorities state that such an increase in traffic was never seen before.

The ‘smuggled’ oil, as The Iraqi Central Government puts, is pumped into the oil pipes by the Northern Iraqi Regional Government and this raw oil is sold to the global market within the knowledge of the AKP government. The most intriguing buyer is Israel.

Among the tankers which form the traffic, the one which draws the most attention is the tanker which belongs to the Angora Investment Trust INC., a Greek company, and which carries a Maltese flag. This tank is named MARINER A. On 3 June 2014, the tanker left the Haifa Harbour in Israel and arrived at Alexandretta harbour, Dörtyol. The tank was loaded with raw oil in the harbour and left on 13 June 2014, at 02:30. The tanker arrived at Haifa Harbour on the same day, at 22:41 and the load was received by Israelite Paz Oil company. The same tanker left Haifa on 16 June 2014, at 05:22 and returned to Dörtyol.

This was not the first visit. In spite of the Iraqi Central Government refusing to sell oil to Israel, it was detected that in the last 9 months, at least four transfers took place from Dörtyol, which keeps the oil of Northern Iraqi Regional Government, to Israelite Paz Oil, which has a smelter in Israel.

A worker who preferred to keep their name hidden stated, “This is not the first transmission to Israel. This has been going on since June 2012. Before that, the Iraqi Regional Government was carrying its oil to Turkey using trucks. Using this method, oil was carried to Turkey for a year and a half and then this oil was sold globally with 20 tankers. But the main thing is the transfer of the Iraqi Regional Government’s oil via Kirkuk – Yumurtalık Pipes without the consent of the Iraqi Central Government. After this, the harbour traffic peaked.”

Aydınlık Daily began researching in light of this statement and discovered that oil was transferred from Dörtyol to Israel’s harbours. The tanker Baltic Commodore on 31 January, the tanker Hope A on 10 February, the tanker Kriti Jade on 3 March, and the tanker Kriti Sea on 5 March took oil and unloaded it on Israelite harbours, Ashkelon and Haifa.

In the meantime, the Iraqi Central Government made legal complaints to the Parisian Court of Arbitration on grounds of violating the 10th article of the Treaty of Raw Oil Pipes, signed on 27 August 1973 between the Turkish Republic and Iraqi Republic, and was renewed on 2010 by the AKP  government. The main reason for the complaint was stated as the pumping of the oil without the Iraqi Central Government’s consent, the selling of the oil via the AKP government and the resulting loss of $35 million.

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