Israel announced 172 more illegal settlement colony units in Palestine

City councilor: Israel approves 172 new settler homes
18 June, 2014 AFP
JERUSALEM — Israel gave approval Wednesday for the construction of 172 new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, a city councilor said, nearly two weeks after it announced thousands. “The municipality approved this morning the construction of 172 apartments in Har Homa,” Jerusalem city councilor Yosef Pepe Alalu told AFP. “This is the final stage before construction, and is the continuation of a policy that harms the peace process.”

This is no doubt part and parcel of Israel’s punishment of Palestinians for its new unity government, as well as the “missing” Jewish settler colonists. Considering that there isn’t running water in East Jerusalem in order to encourage Palestinians to emigrate, it’s logical that the municipality will quickly remedy that situation for the new Jewish illegal settler colonists that steal Palestinian territory and squat there. Remember, none of Jerusalem is actually inside Israel’s territorial boundaries, it was not claimed in its declaration of independence (unlike Palestine), nor was it mentioned as a capital of Israel at that time. Israel’s attempts to unilaterally annex territory outside its stated and recognized territorial boundaries are inherently illegal and recognized by no country or government on Earth, regardless how many domestic laws Israel passes. The same is true for Israel’s illegal settlement colonies.

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