Der Spiegel’s honesty about Israeli cynical use of ‘missing’ teen settler colonists

It had to happen sometime. Even Germany is sick of Israelis manipulative attitude and acts, their cynical use of every statement and situation to make others feel guilty, to extract conciliation and concessions, and in the case of Germany, more billions. But finally, a ‘brave’ reporter has stated the obvious: Israel’s dramatically outsized military action in the West Bank of Palestine using the excuse of the ‘missing’ Jewish settler colonists. The German people are sick and tired of being cowed and forbidden to have self-respect or be proud of their country. But one can only take that for so long. Finally!

Disappearance of a Teenager: Netanyahu uses kidnapping for propaganda

It is not clear who are the three Jewish settlers in the West Bank has been kidnapped. But Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Hamas is to blame – and grazes the incident propaganda.
18 June, 2014 Der Spiegel (The Mirror) [in German, below is a Yandex translation, so it is not precise, but I’ve tried to make it understandable. – ed]
Tel Aviv – For the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, there are various governments, for decades tested. Up until last weekend slumbered it more or less. Time and time again, it was roused to the conflict, mostly purely rhetorical, mostly by outsiders, such as US Secretary of state John Kerry. The two are directly affected, the Israelis and the Palestinians, who nodded briefly, tired and let down, then returned to their respective starting points.

Rarely is politics experienced so cynically as in the middle East. It is established: Since last Thursday in the Palestinian West Bank, three young settlers were kidnapped, he is the manifest, the conflict in the Holy Land.

3000 soldiers looking for three teenagers

The three kidnapped settlers visited a so-called Yeshiva, a Talmud College, all three are wanted on this Thursday night of a big cross near Hebron home in their settlements hitchhiking. There are enough urgent warnings from the Israeli army and the internal secret service,  the Shin Bet, just not to do that – but for the settlers the unlimited freedom of movement on Palestinian territory is part of their attitude.

About 3000 soldiers are now looking for in the occupied West Bank after the three teenagers, two of them 16 years old, and a 19 year old. “We turn every stone,” announced the army; on several television programs, you can live watch as soldiers entrance doors of Palestinian homes blow up, and then search [and ransack – ed]. Hundreds of men will be arrested and interrogated.

The tragic part of the events, the disappearance of the three young men, and the feverish search for them, follows the cynical part: the fact is, as with this misfortune policy is made, and that from it the maximum political advantage.

The message of the abduction was barely one-day-old since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already decided the culprit: the Islamist Hamas. The movement, since 2007 has ruled in the Gaza strip,  behind the act of terror is, for him, “fact”. Concrete evidence is absent but Netanyahu declares them guilty.

Netanyahu exploits for propaganda purposes

It is bitter, the tragedy to the three “boys,” as he calls them, but politically it comes at just the right time. Since the recently-formed Palestinian unity government between Hamas and Fatah he categorically condemned at the beginning , Israeli Prime Minister is with his back to the wall. Already a bit too long, he is considered by parts of the international community as a notorious naysayer [liar, propagandist – ed], some even as a warmonger.

With its prompt blame in the direction of Hamas, he tries to now – especially to the outside [the world] – to propagandize about  it [to recover Israel’s narrative about], who is in the region of the Good and who is Evil. Inside [Israel], he can now finally be backed by the hardliners present, by whom he has been elected. It is a good moment in the Knesset will pass a bill to simply forbid the exchange or the pardon of prisoners in the future. And still one allowing the force-feeding hunger striking prisoners may go through as well.

To a certain amount of power to achieve Netanyahu in his diatribe ascribed the anxious Nation of the Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian authority same with the stamp of fundamental evil; loudly he made them responsible for the fact that something like this kidnapping at all could happen.

What the perpetrators are concerned, two dubious claim of responsibility from militant factions known, of which one has already proven to be false. Unlike the kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit, Hamas, rejected the allegation. For some time is the motion in such a very uncomfortable position that the probability that they are actually responsible for the kidnapping, seems rather low. Because that would threaten the new Islamists and fragile reconciliation with the “Fatah brothers,”  but also, and although substantial, the population in the Gaza strip, which has been months darbt [also seemingly no translation of this word – ed]. That offenders under the few Hamas supporters in the West Bank are, of course, can be quite.

“Violation of Human Rights”

The old human rights grasp present again, and of course it is a matter of the opponents to inflict maximum damage. Since some days, there are approximately 750,000 people from Hebron and the surrounding area virtually under house arrest. The entrances to the city, the Israeli military blocked, just as it has blocked important roads between urban areas in the entire West Bank. Male residents of Hebron between 16 and 50 were not allowed to leave their home district. The attacks by settlers on Palestinians are increasing there.

Since both reports about brutal methods of interrogation, as well as from the army arbitrarily destroyed Palestinian houses are piling up, saith the Israeli human rights organization B’tselem by a contravenes human rights in respect of the Palestinian population. Since the days of attacks and bombing by the Israeli air force also in the Gaza strip, where the influential Hamas personnel are sitting. They wanted to “once and for all destroy terrorist structures,” it is said in a morning press release/statement the army. As if the disappearance of the three young men were not already tragic enough.

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