Bloodthirsty Jews want one Palestinian executed every hour

True to form, when Jews face a crisis, they don’t hesitate to become violent, or at least harbour intensely violent thoughts and sick  fantasies about killing Gentiles – usually in sadistic ways – and as many as they can get away with despaching without too much opprobrium or consequences. This tendency is typically projected onto others which is why there is so much nonsense to what Israel accuses others of doing: it is what Jews want to do but have neither the opportunity nor cover to actually carry out their violence against Gentiles.

Thousands join online campaign to kill Palestinian ‘terrorists’
15 June, 2014 Ma‘an

kill 1 palestinian each hour
Violent Jews want to kill 1 Palestinian every hour – wildly popular facebook page

BETHLEHEM — Over 10,000 people have joined an online campaign to kill a Palestinian “terrorist” every hour until three missing Israeli teens are returned to their families, Israeli media reported Sunday. The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on its website that within hours of its creation, a Facebook page calling for the hourly assassination of Palestinian “terrorists” had reached 10,000 likes. [the interesting thing is how pro-Palestinian or anti-Zionist people have commented. Apparently the owner of the page keeps clearing these comments out, but more keep coming]

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