Jewish settler colonists violence revenge for missing teens

In addition to, but separate from the IDF’s massive kidnapping and arrest of almost 200 Palestinians throughout the West Bank, vengeful Jews in Hebron, Palestine have taken out their fury for the three Jewish settler colonist teens that went missing recently (in what is most likely a classic Jewish false-flag incident).

Settlers ‘hurl rocks at residents, houses’ south of Hebron
14 June, 2014 Ma‘an
HEBRON — Dozens of Israeli settlers hurled rocks at residents and houses in a Palestinian village in the southern West Bank on Saturday, a local official said. Jihad al-Nawajaa, head of the village’s council, told Ma‘an that 30 settlers entered the village of Susiya south of Hebron and hurled stones at houses. The settlers also targeted a 13-year-old boy, but his parents were able to pull him inside before he was injured, al-Nawajaa said. No injuries or damages from the attack were reported. Al-Nawajaa said that locals had decided to organize a neighborhood watch to guard against future settler attacks, which villagers expect to increase in the upcoming days due to the recent disappearance of three teenage settlers in the West Bank.

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles near Bethlehem and Hebron
15 June, 2014 Ma‘an
HEBRON — Israeli settlers gathered on main roads near Bethlehem and Hebron on Saturday evening to protest against the recent disappearance of three teenage Israelis, hurling rocks at Palestinian vehicles. Local Palestinian sources told Ma’an that dozens of settlers took to the streets on the main road between Hebron and Bethlehem which runs near Gush Etzion settlement bloc, gathering where a number of bus stops are congregated to throw rocks at passing Palestinians. The protesters hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles which traveled on the main road, known as route 60. Although the attacks damaged some passing vehicles, no injuries were reported. Also on Saturday, a group of Israeli settlers demonstrated near Haggay settlement south of Hebron and tried to attack Palestinian vehicles on the main road near al-Fawwar refugee camp. The demonstrators chanted anti-Arab slogans, holding the Palestinians responsible for the recent disappearance of three Israeli teenagers and urging the Israeli government to take action against the Palestinians and impose a “heavy toll.” Earlier on Saturday, three Palestinians were injured near Nablus in similar attacks by settlers.


It is clear that when Jews are violent and attack defenseless innocent civilian Palestinians in acts of Jewish terrorism (for which others are summarily executed), and even children, their violence is not only perfectly acceptable and above reproach, but a natural and correct reaction.

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