Gaza – border crossing closed, no petrol for electricity, hospitals or sewage treatment

Israeli perfidy and pettiness towards Palestinians in Gaza, designed to further impoverish, destabilise, and punish üntermenschen under merciless Israeli siege.

Israeli naval boats open fire on Gaza Palestinian fishermen
14 June, 2014 WAFA
GAZA — Israeli naval boats opened fire Saturday on Palestinian fishing boats offshore Gaza. According to a WAFA reporter, gunfire was heard in the northwest of Gaza; it transpired that Israeli naval boats opened fire on Palestinian fishermen and their boats offshore al-Sudaniya, located to the northwest of Gaza, causing extensive damage to the boats, but no injuries were reported. Israel has restricted the fishing zone designated for the Palestinians to three nautical miles, violating an Egyptian-brokered cease fire agreement signed in November 2012 stipulating that Israel increase the fishing zone to six nautical miles, which reduced fishermen’s intake.
[NOTE: There are very, very few fish within the illegal three (3) nautical mile limit imposed by Israel. This particular limitation was chosen for that very purpose. The petty act of destroying fishermens’ boats is designed to add further hardship and destitution since fishermen are typically unable to purchase another boat. – ed]

80% of Gaza gas stations empty after Israel closes crossing
14 June, 2014 Ma‘an
GAZA CITY — Eighty percent of gas stations in Gaza are out of fuel and the other 20 percent are sufficient for only half a day, the director of the local Gas Station Owners Union told Ma‘an on Saturday. Mahmoud Shawwa said all gas stations would shut down Saturday afternoon, and that all stations were out of diesel fuel. Israel closed the Kerem Shalom crossing, the only connection for fuel to enter the besieged coastal enclave, after three Israeli settlers went missing in the Hebron area late Thursday. Shawwa highlighted that the continued closure of Kerem Shalom would paralyze life in the Gaza Strip.
[NOTE: Since the electricity plant in Gaza runs on petrol, and it is already always in short supply, this translates to only a few hours of electricity per day, many people in Gaza that can sometimes afford it, purchase petrol to fuel generators for their homes to supplement electricity. This development will compound the already dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as it deeply affects hospitals and the semi-repaired sewage treatment plant. Several months ago, when Israel cut off supplies of petrol, the treatment plant could not function and the streets were flooded with sewage.  That dangerous situation will most likely occur quite soon.- ed]

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