Pogroms – firebombs and Jewish racist hatred unleased on Blacks in Israel

death to Sudanese shirt
Jew wearing shirt that says, “DEATH TO SUDANESE”

Jewish hatred of other races is known, and is not hidden in Israel. That rage and hatred was unleashed in violence and a pogrom in Israel against refugees and asylum seekers in Israel in 2012.

Vengeful Jews terrorised asylum-seekers and refugees in the Shapira neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, destroying property, threatening and physically abusing the vulnerable refugee population. The 1,000 strong race riot wreaked mayhem and terror, burning garbage, smashing windows and more.

Jews want Africans burned
Jews sing, “THE PEOPLE WANT THE AFRICANS BURNED!” © Activestills.org

The hate rally was “organized by Likud activists and attended by several Knesset members, who (for obvious political reasons) stood before the masses and blamed their hardships on African refugees with incendiary catch phrases.

“Addressing the ‘infiltration problem,”’Knesset Member Miri Regev (Likud) criticized the Israeli government for not sending the African refugees from whence they came, calling them “a cancer in our body.” Danny Danon (Likud) followed up his incendiary speech by posting on Facebook, “Israel is at war. An enemy state of infiltrators was established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv.” And Michael Ben-Ari, a former member of the racist Kach party [a follower of Meir Kahane, the terrorist], incited the crowd by tapping both into their economic despair and xenophobia, warning them that the Africans would take all available jobs and leave everyone else with nothing.

“The crowd, already gathered to vent their rage, in part, at the African community …  suddenly turned violent and streamed into the Shapira neighborhood, attacking Africans on the street, in cars, smashing storefronts belonging to migrants and vandalizing shops.” – David Harris-Gershon, “Racist Mob, Incited by Israeli Leaders, Attacks African Refugees in Tel Aviv,” Alternet, May 24, 2012.

frican man attacked by Jews
African man attacked by enraged Jewish mob. Oren Zvi, © Activestills.org

Israeli Ma’ariv (Hebrew)  reported that the mob chased a man from Eritrea, who took shelter in a storefront and had to be rescued from the Jewish mob by police. At least two journalists were attacked. One fled the area and the other, whose notepad was snatched by protesters, was sheltered by police from enraged Jews and their mindless violence.

And Jews in the mobeven attacked a mother and threw her child to the ground in their frenzied state of pure fury and ethnic supremacy.

jews threw a baby on the ground
Mother crying after Jews in mob rage threw her baby to the ground. © Activestills.org

But this isn’t the first or only incidents of Jewish racial hatred and violence in Israel. On 6 May, 2012, Jerusalem Post reported on a firebomb thrown at African refugees and said it was the second such attack in two weeks in the Hatikva neighbourhood of South Tel Aviv.

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