To state the obvious – PA ‘not responsible’ for safety of Israel’s illegal settlers

jewish soldiers along roadside
Jewish soldiers along roadside

It’s beyond hypocritical for a fascist, rogue, colonial-settler apartheid state with a belligerent military occupation of its neighbour (that it is busy colonising) to hold the government of its occupied neighbour responsible for the safety and well-being of its colonists in its illegal colonies within its neighbour’s territory. But the diminutive state is ever-petty and avoids honesty at every turn, preferring to employ the same flawed and obviously untrue cries of imagined persecution and perpetual victim-status whenever the safety of its colonists in its illegal colonies, or one of its soldiers employed in belligerent occupation of its neighbour is mildly put out, much less injured, captured or suffers loss of life.Considering the obvious facts that its colonies in Palestine are illegal, and that no responsible parent (of any stripe) would intentionally bring their children into a zone of conflict, and that the government of Palestine cannot exercise any actual authority in ‘Area C’ (the largest, most fertile and resource-rich area of Palestine, in which Israel operates complete control and desperately covets), that the government of Talmudia would even be so deluded as to assign such responsibility to Palestine for the children of (many times violent) Jewish colonists living in illegal Jewish colonies, and expect anyone to take it seriously.

Apparently the inhabitants of Talmudia haven’t really understood that the world is not as isolate as they seem to be – we can all see the violence, dispossession, blatant racism and bigotry,  and state-sponsored terrorism and degradation meted out to Palestinians quite clearly. Talmudia does not, in any respect, qualify as a ‘liberal Western’ country, nor is it civilised.

13 June, 2014 Ma’an

BETHLEHEM – A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority security services denounced Israel’s efforts to blame the PA for the disappearance of three settlers in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

Adnan Dmeiri said the PA was not responsible for the safety of settlers and had no way to prevent the possible kidnapping of the teenagers.

He said the PA “is used to accusations from (Benjamin) Netanyahu’s arbitrary government, which does not want to commit to any agreement and wants to damage all relations with Palestinians.”

Dmeiri said the PA had no information about the missing settlers, and noted that Gush Etzion, the settlement from which the teenagers are believed to have disappeared, “is under Israeli security control.”

He added: “And the PA is not responsible for the security of settlers.”

Dmeiri also said he was unaware of any cooperation with Israel in the search for the settlers.

Earlier Friday, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Israel held the PA responsible for the three missing settlers’ well-being.

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