More units in illegal colonies as punishment for unity government

Israel announced today the advancement of plans for 1,300 more colonist units in its illegal colonies in Palestine, as one aspect of punishment to Palestine for forming a unity government of technocrats. All Israel’s colonies outside of 1948 Israel are illegal under international law.

Israeli government has had high level meetings recently to decide what steps to take to punish Palestine for forming the unity government after the so-called “peace process” initiated by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, collapsed due to Israel reneging on its obligation to release the fourth tranche of Palestinian political prisoners. The unity government has so far been recognized by France, Turkey, Russia, China and several other states.

“The move is the second approval of settlement activity in the last eight days, and follows the Construction and Housing Ministry’s publication last week of tenders for 1,500 homes over the pre- 1967 lines in West Bank settlements and east Jerusalem.

“On Wednesday, the High Planning Council for Judea and Samaria met and advanced plans for new building.

“It has yet to formally publish its decisions, but a defense official provided The Jerusalem Post with the council’s conclusions. Peace Now said it received the same information.

“The bulk of the new homes are planned in two Jewish communities.

“Plans were moved forward for 381 homes in the settlement of Givat Ze’ev and 550 for Bruchin.

“The plans for Bruchin are most significant because, according to Peace Now, they will expand the community’s population from 500 to 3,500.

“Bruchin was only authorized by the government in 2012, when it was transformed from an outpost into a settlement. Both communities are within the boundaries of the security barrier.

“Housing plans advanced for the settlements of Kochav Ya’acov, Oranit and Ariel and for the outpost of Tzofit, which the government is transforming into a legalized neighborhood of the Neveh Tzuf settlement.” Israel advances plans for 1,083 settler homes in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem Post 13 June, 2014.

One idea put forth was to withhold the taxes and tariffs that Israel collects (and legally must transfer), which amounts to roughly $100 million per month and is crucial income for the government of Palestine.

The pettiness and vindictiveness on Israel’s part is not lost on anyone that is paying attention to this issue.

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