Monastery near Jerusalem defaced in suspected ‘price tag’ attack

The Beit Jamal Monastery is known for its good relations with Israelis who visit to buy its ceramics
Aug. 21, 2013 Ha’aretz and AFP
[Remember how Netanyahu promised in 2012 to ‘punish perpetrators severely’? And yet it keeps happening!]
Perpetrators threw a fire bomb into the entrance hallway and sprayed the monastery walls with the words “price tag,” “death to the Gentiles,” and “revenge.”

The nuns of the Sisters of Bethlehem order who inhabit the monastery outside the city of Beit Shemesh were not aware of the attack until Tuesday when visitors arrived and noticed the damage.

Footage from security cameras shows fire burning for several minutes, but no vegetation or wooden furniture caught fire and it died out.

“The nuns are in shock. They’re the most non-violent people there are. They say they have good relations with the Jews. Why would they do this,” asked R., an Israeli woman close to the nuns.

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