Illegal Colonies

settlement pool, empty reservoir
Olympic sized pool in Ma’ale Adumim colony, empty reservoir in Palestine

Israel has numerous illegal colonies in East Palestine (the ‘West Bank’) that are euphemistically called “settlements” that are illegal under international law. Territory for these illegal colonies are acquired in several underhanded ways: the Israeli military (IDF) declare an area to be a ‘closed military zone’ and prohibits any Palestinians from living in the area or accessing their property. A short time later the territory is transferred to the Jerusalem National Fund (JNF) and administered by the Israel Land Administration (ILA).

Israeli colony growth
Growth of an illegal Israeli colony 2007- 2009

The territory is developed with infrastructure, provided security by the military, and open to Israeli Jews only. The roads going to the illegal colonies are only open to Jews, no Palestinians may use them. There are also bus lines that are Jew only as well.

Israel has chosen to build its illegal colonies in strategic locations, some directly over the massive underground aquifer in Palestine. Israeli colonists use six (6) times the amount of water Palestinians do, and Palestinians do not even receive the minimum daily amount set by the World Health Organization, and they must pay Israel for water that is actually located within the territory of the State of Palestine. The IDF frequently destroy cisterns and wells of Palestinians, and Jewish colonist poison and destroy Palestinian wells.

Jewish colonists torturing a Palestinian
Jewish colonists torturing a Palestinian

Israel’s Jewish colonists frequently engage in violence against Palestinians, often with the protection of the IDF. Such violence includes stone-throwing, shooting, destroying property, and terroristic arson attacks of houses and other structures -even with people inside them.

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